5 Ways to Boost Your Health IT Content Marketing Response

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Not satisfied with response rates from blog posts and case studies? Here’s how focusing on the end user can boost your health IT content marketing. If you’re in charge of your health IT content marketing strategy, these are the last words you want to hear. “As an engineer, I select products and services based on requirements and not based on …

Health Tech Value Proposition: Vitamins, Aspirin or Antibiotics?

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Dreamit CIO on Defining Your Health Tech Value Proposition A value proposition. It’s the life’s blood of a successful startup. It’s not easy to define for any young business, but it’s uniquely challenging for health tech startups who experience some of the highest failure rates of any industry. A health tech company is not simply a tech company with a tech …

A Checklist for Finding the Right Clinical Champion

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A Clinical Champion Relationship Is a Two Way Street Over and over again, physicians I’ve talked to stress that companies need a clinical champion when launching a new HIT or health tech product or service. White papers, case studies and other marketing content certainly matter. But a physician insider or advocate serving as your clinical champion opens doors and establishes credibility. As your representative, …

Rethink Your Health Tech Sales Path

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Are Pilot Programs and C-Suite Access Overrated in Health Tech Sales? Follow the money is pretty standard advice when it comes to a health tech sales strategy. But when reaching the right decision makers, you may want think again if you’re planning a B-Line to the C-Suite or pitching a pilot program. At least that was part of my takeaways from panelists …

MedTechTX 2016 Takeaways: Finding Your Champion

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Get yourself a “champion” or advocate — that was a key takeaway for health tech entrepreneurs at the first day of the MedTechTX 2016 Summit in Austin. The Summit’s goal is to arm health tech entrepreneurs with some best practices when seeking buy in from key stakeholders and decision makers.  I’m blogging on behalf of  Spectrum – the Small Business Development Center program focused on …

Aaron Ali MD: Bridging the Health Tech Credibility Gap

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Health Tech Vendor Credibility Credibility. It’s a recurring challenge for medical device startups and health tech entrepreneurs trying to prove themselves in a competitive marketplace. Physicians and healthcare administrators rightly need to ask:   – Will it improve patient outcomes and the patient experience – Will it increase productivity? – Will there be a positive return on investment? – If a technology is adopted, how will it …

No’s to Nods: MedTechTX2016 Summit in Austin – Oct 3-4

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Point of Purchase: Getting Buy-in for Health Tech Decisions Getting buy-in from physicians and administrators is one of the biggest challenges that health tech startups face when launching a new product or service. The “Is There a Doctor in the House?” Austin Health Tech Meetup I organized this past summer addressed this challenge. My event brought start up health tech companies before …

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Health Tech Engineers Are from Venus; Doctors Are from Mars

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Arlen Meyers, MD and the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE) What better way to explore the complex relationship between entrepreneurs and physicians than to talk to Arlen Meyers MD – the co-founder of a healthcare network whose core mission is bringing the two together. Over his career, Dr. Meyers has found success in both business and medicine. Dr. Meyer is professor …

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Tim Gueramy, MD: Entrepreneur Meets Physician

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The Importance of Building Trust It’s a common lament that entrepreneurs are often frustrated with a lack of access to physicians, while physicians are often wary of vendor claims. That was a driving motivation behind the Austin Health Tech Meetup “Is There a Doctor in the House?.” I wanted to get doctors and entrepreneurs in the same room to share ideas and build trust. …

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“Is There a Doctor in the House?” Part II

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 Interview with Alison Ziari, MD Alison D Ziari, MD. is chief of pediatrics at Austin Regional Clinic. She board certified in pediatrics and a member of the the ARC Executive Board.  Dr. Ziari is also one of the four panelists at the  “Is There a Doctor in House?” Health Tech Meetup event at athenahealth in Austin being held this Wednesday July 2oth.  The …

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How Do Physicians View Health Tech?

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So how do physicians and CIOs view health tech, and what advice can they offer entrepreneurs? Ryan Tierney, MD specializes in Radiation Oncology at Texas Oncology here in Austin. He is board certified in radiation oncology by the American Board of Radiology. He was one of the physicians who participated on the “Is There a Doctor in House?” Health Tech Meetup event …