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Health Tech Content Marketing and PR 

Welcome to Physician Health Tech Insight — an Austin-based health tech content marketing and PR practice. Our goal is help health tech companies build stronger connections between physicians, administrators, CIOs, and medical IT professionals.

We focus on companies in the digital health space including health IT (HIT), medical records (EHR), privacy (HIPAA), security, telemedicine, and patient communications.

Health Tech Content Marketing

From the Austin Health Tech Meetup – “Is There a Doctor in the House?”

Stronger Connections: Turn to Physician Health Tech Insight for health tech content marketing and PR expertise.

From startups to established companies, let us help you make the case for your health tech solution. We arm you with content that resonates with physicians and medical professionals and addresses their healthcare and business needs

Look to our blog for regular insights and advice from  physicians, CIOs, CEOs and investors.

These interviews continue a discussion started at the Austin Health Tech Meetup, “Is There a Doctor in the House?” Like the event, the goal is trust and improved communications between physicians and health tech companies.

Don’t let how you communicate stand in the way of your health tech solution.